scheduling appointments

In order to ensure quality orthodontics care, it is imperative that both parents and patients understand the manner in which we schedule your appointments. Our goal is to be the best part of your day. We make it a top priority to value both you and your time. That’s why we make every effort to stay on or ahead of schedule. Most parents work and all children attend school. Inconveniencing your work schedule and interrupting your child’s studies as infrequently as possible is very important to our entire office. Since the vast majority of our patients are of school age, it is unavoidable that some school-time appointments will be necessary.

In order to be fair to all patients, we alternate appointments during school months. We will be glad to work around certain classes that are very important or ones in which your child may be having problems. We provide your child with school excuses for scheduled orthodontic appointments and it is important for your child to turn these in to the appropriate school official.

We want you to know that our staff will work hard to provide the finest orthodontic care in the most convenient scheduling system possible for you and your child. We also have families and children and understand your scheduling concerns and will do everything we can do to ensure that your child’s treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

In preparation for your appointment, allow the following time for each appointment type:
Initial Examination - 50 minutes
Records, if not part of the Initial Examination – 10 minutes
Consultation, if not part of the Initial Examination – 20 minutes
Initial Bonding - 70 minutes
Adjustment Appointments - 30 minutes

Late Arrivals

Should you arrive late for an appointment, we will attempt to treat you; however, we may not be able to complete all of the scheduled procedures. We will make every effort to work you in, but you may be required in some instances to reschedule your appointment.

Rescheduling Of Appointments

When an appointment has to be rescheduled for any reason, we ask that you take the next available appointment to prevent treatment delays. Because our appointments are scheduled 6-8 weeks in advance, we reschedule appointments on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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