Carestream 9300

Dr. Coleman uses a Carestream 9300 radiograph machine to take all of our patient's x-rays. When needed, Dr. Coleman is able to use this technology to capture a 3-Dimensional picture of an individual's teeth and jaws. This image enables him to accurately determine what problems might be present when a standard x-ray may be more difficult to use in diagnosis of the same problem. This machine is the latest in radiograph technology used by dental professionals. Click on this link to see how Dr. Coleman has used this technology in the diagnosis of a challenging orthodontic problem. Click here to learn more about the Carestream 9300

Coleman Clinical Case

NV Ortho Laser

Some procedures that we do in orthodontics require the removal of gum tissue surrounding teeth that have a difficult time erupting. In the past, we have had to refer our patients to see a periodontist to have this procedure done. With our NV Ortho Laser, we now are able to perform those procedures right here in our office with the use of topical anesthetic and no needles! This means that our patients are saving time and money! Click here to learn more about the NV Ortho Laser

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