One Patient’s Story Navigating Adult Orthodontics With Aligners

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Before I sit down to write a blog, an obvious idea comes to mind. That idea always comes from the question; “What would our readers find most valuable in their search for more confidence and a healthier smile either for themselves or a family member?” I take that idea and gather what I consider the most helpful information to share. This week, I couldn’t come up with anything more helpful, in my opinion, than a story that was shared with us by one of our adult patients about her experience with “aligner” treatment in our office. Here’s Wendy’s story:

“I am a 40-year-old woman and mom of four kids, who just finished her Invisalign treatment with Coleman Orthodontics and I could not be happier. 

I spent the past 10 years unhappy with my smile. Whenever I looked at pictures, all I noticed was the crookedness of my teeth. I also noticed as I was getting older, they were getting worse.

 I knew there were options, but they felt overwhelming, difficult to maintain and impractical for my stage of life.  I worried about so many things; would it be painful? Would it be difficult to take them out and put them in? How would I look as an adult with “retainers”? Could I keep track of the Invisalign with the busyness of my day? Could I fit another appointment into my life? Would I like how they turned out? 

It took 14 months to complete. The Invisalign aligners were not painful. They were easy to take in and out. I kept the case in my purse and had no problem while I was out and about removing them and putting them back in. I barely noticed them when I had them on; they were very comfortable. 

Dr. Coleman was so amazing to work with. He listened to my concerns and was so easy to work with. His staff is also amazing. I could always find an appointment that worked, I never had to wait and they got me in and out quickly and efficiently. I never had any issues or concerns arise, but I knew if I did, they would be available. I couldn’t believe how great my Invisalign treatment was. My only wish was to have done it sooner. 

I have absolutely loved my new smile and I’m so grateful to Dr. Coleman and his staff.”






The experience that Wendy had in our practice embodies what we strive for every day as a team. We believe that the process of creating each unique smile should be fun, rewarding and life-changing. We really are passionate about building lasting relationships and exceeding expectations. As a patient in our practice, you are more than just a person to us – you are part of us. We invite you to enjoy the kind of experience Wendy shared. Schedule a free consultation to learn about how we can help! Call us at 801-614-9090.

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Coleman