No more of those uncomfortable impressions! Dr. Coleman uses an advanced technology called digital scanning for several purposes in his office. Digital scanning involves the use of a small wand that quickly and comfortably is passed over your teeth and gums, immediately creating a three-dimensional image of your teeth, bite and associated structures on our computers. This image replaces the old plaster model of your teeth that we used to make from those uncomfortable impressions.

This three-dimensional image is used to create orthodontic appliances much more accurately, which allow for a better, more custom fit when placed in the mouth. Better fitting appliances are always more comfortable.

Dr. Coleman also uses this technology for aligner treatment. The three-dimensional image, along with state-of-the-art orthodontic software, allows him to actually move your teeth on his computer, simulating your entire treatment even before it’s completed in your mouth. This simulation is used to fabricate all of your aligners for orthodontic aligner treatment.

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